If there is one thing that boat insurance claims agents and company representatives are familiar with its industry statistics.  For instance, there are a number of factors that will increase the risk of you getting involved in a boating accident and having to file a claim with your insurer.  The following is a list of the most common causes for accidents on both coastal and inland waters.

Boating while intoxicated – too many individuals have gotten into trouble on the water because they were operating their boats while intoxicated even though we have seen years of campaigns that have raised awareness where drunk driving is concerned.  As far as enjoying alcoholic beverages on the water goes – DON’T!  The best thing you can do as a conscientious boater is to keep your boat docked when you are drinking.

Careless or reckless behavior – when people are not paying attention, there’s a good chance that an accident will occur.  Furthermore, if you get caught behaving carelessly or recklessly, it could bring about charges of negligence.  Plus, if you cause an accident that results in injuries to other people and damage to property, you could get sued and find yourself in front of a judge and jury.

Lack of experience – education, experience, and hands-on training are essential to safe boating.  First-time boaters can sign up for courses where you will receive the proper training necessary for complying with laws and regulations as well as learning how to handle a wide range of situations.  Furthermore, any boating courses that you enroll in could make you eligible for a discount on your boating insurance premiums.

Poor planning – being prepared before you go out on the water encompasses a great deal.  First of all, keep updated on the weather before taking your boat out.  Not only that but be sure you keep a watchful eye on the horizon and any weather reports when you’re out on the water.  Second, in addition to keeping an eye on the weather, you want to ensure that your boat is maintained and operating properly so you don’t have to worry about breakdowns and equipment failures.  Make sure there is sufficient first-aid, food, fuel, and water on board as well.

Texting while boating – Distracted boating is becoming an ever-increasing problem and it is just as dangerous, as texting while driving.  If you are in charge of your vessel and driving it, leave your cell phone in your pocket or put it somewhere so you won’t be tempted to pick it up.  You need to be paying attention to what’s in front of you when you are out on the water.  You can always use your phone when you are back on land, but for now, enjoy your time on the water and stay safe in the process.